is a National Society incorporated in the State of California.


The PURPOSE of this Society shall be:

1. To search for and preserve the names of those accused of witchery in that portion of Colonial America now the United States of America.

2. To locate the living female descendants of all witches who were accused in the American colonies prior to published records of same.


The REQUIREMENT: A woman must be at least sixteen years of age and able to prove descent from an ancestor or ancestress who was accused or tried or executed for the practice of witchcraft prior to 31 December 1699.


MEMBERSHIP is by invitation only. The invitation will be extended by the President General. An applicant accepting an invitation to membership shall complete ONE copy of the application form. The completed form and proofs for same with check in amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for the non-refundable application fee enclosed shall then be mailed to the Registrar General. A separate check for one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall also be enclosed for the complete LIFE MEMBERSHIP FEE.


The annual assembly is held during April in Washington, D.C., and usually includes a repast, business meeting and program.