Long was the dream of Mrs. Kline d'Aurandt Engle (Caroline). On Thursday, 10 October 1985 in Room 448 (Mrs. Engel’s room) at the Mayflower Hotel, three ladies met to discuss the possibility of forming a society of women descendants of early Americans accused of practicing witchcraft. The three ladies offered to fulfill the duties of the following offices: Miriam Hopiak, Organizing Secretary/Treasurer; Olive Tompkins, Organizing President; Caroline Engel, Organizing Vice President. Barbara Loucks was contacted by Caroline Engel to see if she would serve as Organizing Registrar.

The Associated Daughters of Early American Witches was incorporated on 6 August 1986. The Organizational Meeting was held on 11 April 1987 at 2:30 p.m. in Room 575 at the Mayflower Hotel. Vice President Caroline Engel presided in the absence of President General Olive Tompkins. There were thirty-five organizing/charter members. The fee for Life membership was thirty dollars ($30). It was raised to forty dollars ($40) in 1989.

Officers were nominated. Officer sashes were presented for approval. Barbara Loucks nominated Caroline Engel to be President General. Caroline held the office of President General for two years. She was elected Honorary President General at the 15 April 1989 meeting. Her death on 23 March 1990 was a great loss as we had relied on her guidance and friendship.

The first Annual Assembly was held on Saturday, 16 April 1988 at the Mayflower Hotel. The Business meeting began at 10:00 a.m. in the New Hampshire Room with luncheon following at 12:30 p.m. in the New Jersey Room.

At the April 1989 meeting, Mrs. Pleas M. McKee (Annabet) was elected President General. It was at this meeting, after the election of officers, the attending members voted to make donations to "Charles Cook Theological School" a permanent project of the Society beginning with an amount of $100.00 per annum until we became more prosperous. This was given in Honor of our Founding President and First Honorary President General, Caroline Engle. It was during the first administration that we selected the insignia that was designed by Mrs. McKee, and later J. E. Caldwell and Co. was selected as our official jeweler. Membership cards were printed and given to all members. And, it was in 1990 that California issued our Corporate Number 1538541; they having to wait until we proved our intent by living up to it. They also granted our tax exemption status and Mrs. McKee obtained our EIN number for us.

Our third President General, Mrs. Charles Ernest Loucks (Barbara), was elected 18 April 1992, after serving as Registrar General since 1986. Mrs. Loucks hosted a tea at the Washington Club on 13 October 1987, honoring Mrs. Engle. This tea was for prospective members and friends. Mrs. Loucks prepared the two Directories and, in her travels, spoke to various groups about “Witches.” But, due to failing health Mrs. Loucks resigned that June (1992) and Mrs. William Alfred Smith (Barbara) assumed the office, which allowed a continuation of leadership without dire consequences. Membership continued to increase and attendance at the Annual Meetings held steady. The original logo was changed to the current design prior to 1992.

Mrs. Paul George Molloy (Patty) served as our President General from 1994 to 13 April 1996. She had previously served as Recording Secretary. Under Mrs. Molloy's leadership, we gained many new members and voted in new bylaws in April 1996.
Miss F. Marian Chambers was elected as President General from 1996-1998. Marian had previously served as Corresponding Secretary. Under Miss Chambers’ leadership, our membership gained over 20 new members. The Association’s History, Bylaws and charity (Cook College) were published in the Directory for the first time. Marian’s mother, Helen Wulfmeyer, had served the Society as its fourth 1st Vice President General. Helen and Marian were the first mother and daughter team to serve as officers in the ADEAW.

Mrs. Nelson Vance Harper (Gloria) was elected President General in April 1998. Gloria had served previously as 2nd Vice President. Under Gloria’s directions, the Society was officially on the Internet with a web site in the fall of 1998. A prospective member was able to fill out an application online, which then could be downloaded to acid free paper. ADEAW was one of the first genealogical societies to do this. Having a web site helped gain over 30 new members and increased the attendance at our Annual Meetings.

Dr. Marilyn F. Balmer was elected President General for the years 2000-2002. Marilyn had previously served as Recording Secretary. Marilyn’s mother, Frances, had served the Society as its third 2nd Vice President General. Frances and Marilyn were the second mother and daughter team to serve as officers in the ADEAW.

Mrs. Ronald L. Schaeffer (Ann) was elected for the 2002-2004 term. Ann had previously served as Recording Secretary General and 1st Vice President General. The President General’s sash and insignia and ribbon came about during her administration as well as the development of the Honorary President General’s pin and insignia and sash. It took several administrations to complete these actions. The first computer-generated application and proposal forms were added in this administration. There was a net gain in membership; the annual meeting was well attended and the society had interesting programs.

Mrs. John M. Power (Jane) was elected as the Society’s President General in April 2004. Jane had previously served as Historian General, Recording Secretary General, and 1st Vice President General. Under Jane’s leadership we obtained over 30 new members and a smaller insignia was designed.

Mrs. Edward L. Wilkinson (Marlene) was elected President General in April 2006, after serving as Registrar General for four years. During her term in office the society added over 45 new members and Honorary President General pins were designed by Mrs. Power and made by JE Caldwell. For the 20th anniversary Mrs. Wilkinson began the tradition of table favors and donated the swan centerpieces to the Association.

Mrs. Melvin Austin (Mary) was elected President in April 2008. Mary had previously served as Corresponding Secretary General, 2nd Vice President General and Parliamentarian. The society gained 57 new members during this administration. At her own expense, Mary purchased table favors (pencils the first year and Witch Broom Pens the second year). As suggested by Mrs. Violet Kraft, small crystal-like swans were ordered by the Society and placed at each member’s place setting as a keepsake both years. During this administration, Dr. Kimberly Ormsby Nagy designed member insignia, Mrs. M. Kathryn Carey produced the ADEAW banner and Mrs. Nan Ackerman compiled the installation procedure now used for installing ADEAW Officers. During this administration J. E. Caldwell was bought out by Hamilton Jewelers.

Shari Kelley Worrell was elected President General in April 2010. Shari had previously served as Corresponding Secretary General and First Vice President General. Shari’s mother, Norma Flude, was the Society’s third Historian General. Norma and Shari were the third mother and daughter team to serve as officers in ADEAW. During Shari’s administration she created the Association’s newsletter, THE BLACK SWAN, designed 11 oz. white coffee mugs with the Society’s logo on both sides of the mug and a 25th anniversary pin to be worn either as a lapel pin or on the insignia ribbon.


The Ancestor Book, compiled by Dr. Kimberly Nagy, was finished and available for purchase. Chaplain General, Melissa Fischer, incorporated colored roses into the Memorial Service to honor our founder, Caroline Engle and our ancestors.

At each Annual Assembly Ms Worrell had printed programs, black napkins with white bows, name tags and continued the tradition of table favors. There were 100 members added to the society during her term and there were over 75 prospectives when this administration ended.

As of the 25th anniversary ADEAW has 470 members from 49 states (all but South Dakota) and 4 countries (Canada, Greece, Guam, and USA). Associated Daughters of Early American Witches has been blessed with capable officers, peace, and congeniality allowing the membership to anticipate continued growth of women honoring their ancestors who were so mistreated during the Witch Hysteria in Colonial America prior to 31 December 1699.

History of the Organization by
Mrs. Pleas Milton McKee (Annabet), 1996
President General 1989-1992
Updated January 2012
Shari Kelley Worrell, President General 2010-2012
Nan Ackerman, Historian General 2010-2012